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25 second high level look at how our cartoner functions. For more, head over to our YouTube channel and watch the playlist.

customer interview

Jon Goad interviews Bob Bonga, owner at Cascade Winery.

The Can Packer machine, created by Logicraft in 2022, offers an array of positive features that make it an exceptional packaging solution for businesses. One of its greatest strengths is its versatility, as it can handle a wide range of can sizes, from 8oz/235ml sleek cans to 16oz standard cans. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple machines, streamlining the packaging process and increasing operational efficiency.

A standout feature of the Can Packer is its quick change-over capability between four-packs and six-packs. This allows businesses to easily switch between different packaging configurations, reducing downtime and maximizing production flexibility. Furthermore, its compact design is a notable advantage, requiring less than 30 square feet of floor space. This makes it an ideal choice for companies with limited production areas, optimizing the use of available space.

The Can Packer's efficient glue system is another positive feature, comprising a basic glue melter, two glue hoses, and heads. This system ensures secure and reliable carton sealing, providing robust protection for the packaged products during transportation and storage.

By creating the Can Packer for Cascade Winery, they went from three people packing boxes, to one person over-seeing the whole production line. The ultimate labor-saving machine.

You can watch the Can Packer story on our YouTube channel.

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